Ragdale crowned the UK’s ‘Best Retreat Spa’!

Aug 03, 2021
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WOW! We are SO happy to announce that we have just been crowned ‘Best Retreat Spa’ in the Good Spa Awards 2021!

We were also finalists in the category ‘Best Spa for Fitness and Wellbeing’, recognising our outstanding NEW Heart + Soul Fitness facilities and the variety of fitness breaks we offer here at the Hall.

We feel incredibly proud of everyone that is involved in making Ragdale the place that it is, the hard work our staff put in and our guests who come back year after year and spread the word of Ragdale and what a special place it is. A huge heartfelt thank you to everyone!

Despite the challenges that the pandemic has thrown at us we feel incredibly lucky that we have successfully opened two new guest facilities during both lockdowns, our Twilight Bar and the Heart + Soul Studios. As a business we will always strive to develop and improve Ragdale for our guests and make it a special place to return to.

We know that Ragdale is a special place for many and we often hear guest’s say when they walk through the doors that they are ‘home’, we believe that this is what sets us apart. Plus we are sure you’ll agree that our team at Ragdale (more than 500 staff!) contribute to ensuring you have the best possible experience when you come here. So ‘thank you’ once again from all the staff here at Ragdale Hall!

13 responses to “Ragdale crowned the UK’s ‘Best Retreat Spa’!”

  1. Ruth Masterson says:

    I nominated you and looking forward to sampling Cocktails!!!

  2. Anne Winfield says:

    Very well-deserved! I can’t wait to get back to you.

  3. Sue Jordin says:

    This Best Retreat Spa award is so well deserved. I waited for decades to visit Ragdale and it exceeded all my long-held dreams. Now about to return for our 6th, and my special Big Birthday visit, with my daughter Katie, we also feel like coming ‘home’ as we walk through the front door. All the wonderful staff make Ragdale the nearest thing to heaven, it is definitely our most happy place! Thank you, just thank you, nowhere else even comes close to the magic you have created and continue to perfect.

  4. Veronica Crocker says:

    I also voted for you as every stay is so enjoyable and relaxing.Well done everyone and very well deserved.

  5. Lynne Clare says:

    Well deserved. Can’t wait for our rescheduled 2020 visit to roll around next month. Must easily be my 20th stat….

  6. Amanda Rowley says:

    Absolutely Delighted for you all.
    I’ve been visiting over a 25 year period.
    I’m never disappointed.
    Looking forward to My next visit in November. 🎉

  7. Gill Keeling says:

    So richly deserved.

    Well done every one of you.

    Together you make Ragdale my ‘happy place’.

    Just returned from another fantastic trip with my daughters.

  8. Michelle says:

    Absolutely well deserved, beautiful place and beautiful vibe, we loved our stay and look forward to returning again x

  9. Mary Taylor says:

    So well deserved. Reflects the energy and care the way you run the spa

  10. Cheryl grippo says:

    So glad you’ve won the best retreat spa you and your team of staff throughly deserve it have been coming to ragdale for years and when you get their it’s pure heaven everyone is so nice the place is fantastic and I wouldn’t go anywhere else I’ve visited since the opening this year but you havnt got any availability till January so I’ve booked for 2nights and can’t wait

  11. Janet Mitchell says:

    Well done Ragdale, well deserved. It is so nice to see a business put money back into it. I have been visiting Ragdale with a friend for over 20 years and each visit you have improved some area of the buildings, be it bedrooms or public areas. We are so looking forward to our relaxing stay this week. Congratulations

  12. Teresa says:

    I also voted for you. We’ve stayed with you at Ragdale many times over the years and it is top of our list for a homely, comfortable restful break where service with a smile is heartfelt and genuine and there’s nothing else like it in the UK for sure ♥️

  13. Susan Rogers says:

    I am thrilled for you all this is well deserved. I have been coming to Ragdale over 25 years and always leave feeling refreshed and invigorated. The high standards you maintain are exemplary and a beacon for good practice.

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