Feel like you’re floating with our NEW Aqua Massage Bed Treatment.

Apr 27, 2022
Posted in: Health & Beauty, Well-being   Posted by: Rebecca Telling

Float weightlessly into a truly relaxing experience which engages your senses through movement, light and colour with our new Aqua Massage Bed.

Our NEW Aqua Massage Bed treatment is powered by high pressured water jets that glide along the surface of a heated waterbed in rhythmic movements to generate a head-to-toe body massage, all whilst staying completely dry. Aqua massages can help to improve blood circulation, reduce tension in the muscles and even work the deeper tissue too!

Reclining on a perfectly heated waterbed, surrounded by sounds of the ocean and hidden beneath a weighted blanket, this immersive experience begins.

As your treatment begins and you feel yourself relax, heated high pressure water jets get to work and move up and down your body, actively focusing on those main tension areas and really giving that weightless feel as you melt into the bed.  Complemented by low level coloured lighting, from a serene green to a recharging red, you’ll soon drift away into a state of deep relaxation and be comforted by that familiar feeling of a classic massage.

With the Aqua Massage Beds’ unique features, it allows you to have a completely personalised experience.  Choosing your water pressure intensity, the sounds you listen to and the colours that surround you, you will be in ultimate control of your massage experience and achieve that floating feeling every time.

After this experience you’ll feel your energy levels restored and tensions relieved, ready to take on the world.

This treatment lasts for 20 minutes and costs £30*

To book this new experience for your next visit, or to find out more, click here or call our Treatment Advice Line today on 01664 433043

*Prices quoted are correct at the time of publishing and may be subject to change.

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