Become a healthier, happier you with the help of our NEW Bespoke Fitness Programmes

Jan 28, 2022
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Are you ready to become a healthier, happier you?

Whether taking those tentative first steps, trying something new or if you’re just in need of a little extra push to help you get started, Heart + Soul Fitness at Ragdale Hall Spa have created a range of Bespoke Fitness Programmes to help you reach your goals.

If you’re just beginning your fitness journey, then our JUMP START programmes will start you off on the right foot, giving you plenty of knowledge you’ll need to make a positive change. With three different sessions to choose from, including Fit Me, Stay Young and Chair-Fit, there will be a programme suitable for you which will get you to where you want to be.

Have you been training for a while and have stopped seeing results? Would you like to try something completely different or learn a new skill? It can be beneficial to switch up your routine by trying something new. Our DISCOVER programme features Mindful Movement, which offers a choice of yoga or Pilates to nourish your soul, and LIIT Workout – a low intensity workout which is both efficient at helping you reach your weight loss goals but is also much softer on your joints.

For the more experienced gym-goers, our NEXT LEVEL programme is designed to elevate your training so you’re able to reap the rewards of a healthier you. Whether you’re ready to become the strongest version of yourself, achieve your weight loss goals or feel more energised, then Progress Training will get you to where you want to be. If you regularly practice a sport, such as tennis, golf or skiing, then Sport 4 All will help you to excel and train like an athlete.


What our guests are saying…

“I thoroughly enjoyed every second of my Personal Training session with Rhia, she made feel comfortable and relaxed from the get-go. I feel she clearly understood my needs, put together an amazing workout to follow to help towards my end goal. Rhia is incredibly motivating, thank you to her. I was extremely happy as, this year, I’m focusing on myself. I aim to get physically and mentally healthy.

“The session was quite hard in places, but Harvey made sure I took plenty of rest breaks, which felt good and afterwards I felt amazing! He gave me the guidance and knowledge that was required, including a motivational kick up the bum! I felt a little sore after… but in a good way! Since my PT session, I have been carrying out my workout programme at the gym and I have already seen slight changes to my physique, Thank you so much.”


To book onto one of our Bespoke Fitness Programmes, call our Treatment and Activity Line on 01664 433043 or book online via our Treatment Request Form.

All sessions are 60 minutes and cost £41, unless taken in pairs which costs £31 per person.

*Prices quoted are correct at the time of publishing and may be subject to change.

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